WE ARE NOW FULLY BOOKED FOR ALL OF THIS ACADEMIC YEAR (2015/16) and are completely booked for 2016/17 (except for two days in July 2017). Please see the Booking Page for a list of available dates.

Very occasionally we do get cancellations.  Please contact us to go on the reserve list.


NEW WORKSHOP: “Stone Age to Iron Age”.  This workshop follows the same pattern as the other workshops with the children taking part in 5 activities relating to the time period.  

ALSO NEW: Build a Trojan Horse (and/or the Parthenon) and Build the Titanic.  These are really DT days and are very similar to the Spitfire workshop.  For details please see that page and change the wording!

Make history come to life with our ‘Build an Iron Age Roundhouse’, ‘Build a Tudor House’, ‘Build a Viking Longship’, ‘Build Roman Siege Weapons’, ‘Build an Egyptian Pyramid’ and ‘Build a Spitfire’ days. The days are specifically designed for the Key Stage 2 History curriculum.

However, the Roman Day is also excellent as a KS3 practical Science Day with problem solving.

“Charlie spent two days with us and delivered an outstanding workshop.  We built the Tudor House and Viking Longship. The children were totally engaged from start to finish and spoke of the workshop for days. His subject knowledge, delivery and enthusiasm was infectious.  We all learnt so much!”                                         Julie Miles, Head of Primary Meadowbrook Montessori School, Berkshire.

“My best day of teaching ever.”                                                                          Sarah Potts, Y5/6 teacher, Meadowbrook Montessori School, Berkshire.

“It’s too good an experience to miss out on. We’ve had many people in to work with the children but this has taken it to a new level.”
Laim Doran, Headteacher Waltham Lees Primary School, Grimsby.

“About the best workshop day I have ever experienced.”
Assistant Head, Michaelchurch Ecsley Primary, Herefordshire

“I have never seen anything quite so superb in our school before.”
Mandy Lane. High Beeches Primary, Harpenden

Your children will have the hands-on experience of building a piece of ‘living history’. They will use all the learning styles to solve problems as they work in teams, enjoy themselves AND learn history. The children will steep themselves in history for the day as they assemble scaled artifacts from different historical periods.

As well as constructing the large-scale artifacts, the children will enjoy a range of activities specifically related to the main project, giving them an insight into the processes involved in building a Tudor house, a Viking Longship, an Egyptian Pyramid, Iron Age Roundhouse or Roman siege weapons (which are very similar to Greek ones!). The House is large enough to sit 30 children in. The Longship is 6m long and the Onagars fire [soft] ‘rocks’ up to 20m. The Egyptian Pyramid has a 9 square-metre base and children can go in -but please don’t tell them!  The roundhouse is full sized and can accommodate 45 cloosely-packed children. We also help children to build spitfires (either 3m long or about 1m) as well as Lancaster Bombers, Blimps, V1 and V2’s. We also create “Trojan Horses” and even the Parthenon.  Essentially, anything is possible out of willow and all in one day!  Recent additional projects have included the Titanic, a 4m tall lighthouse, castles, Anderson shelters, a 6m long steam train and Stevenson’s Rocket – as well as Henry VIII (and his wives) and a myriad of animals.

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We also run willow sculpture days: www.willowsculpture.co.uk

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