Egyptian Pyramid

We bring everything you need to create a 3m x 3m (at the base) Egyptian Pyramid.  The pyramid rises to 2.4m at the capstone.  The pyramid contains 240 blocks of ‘stone’ which is roughly equivalent to the number of real stone blocks the Ancient Egyptians fitted into place each day!  The Pyramid contans a secret entrance and passageway that leads to the burial chamber deep within the Pyramid itself.  Small children can crawl through this if they are brave enough!  BUT PLEASE DONT TELL THEM!

During the day, the children will:

  • Build the Pyramid itself.
  • Use a sledge to move ‘building blocks’ just as the Egyptians did.
  • Disembowel a body and place the innards into canopic jars as well as wrapping two bodies in bandages.
  • Make ‘papyrus’ the Egyptian way.
  • Use chisels to carve hieroglyphics into rock, limestone and granite.

Photo Gallery – click to enlarge

Click on this link to see some images from Cheshire

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