How Much and How Many


We are currently taking bookings for 2017/18 – although there is already only limited availability.  Please visit the Bookings page for a full list of available dates.

THE WORKSHOP LASTS ALL DAY FROM 9am UNTIL THEN END OF THE DAY.  From September 2016, the full day workshop costs £500 (ex VAT).  (£520 (ex VAT) from September 2017.) There are no hidden costs for materials and travel.  This is approximately the same cost as a school trip but with the workshop, the children are fully engaged all day with no travelling.  (NB As the school keeps the artefacts, the Spitfire and Trojan Horse workshops are £530 (ex VAT) to cover the cost of materials.) (£540 (ex VAT) from September 2017)

If you would like to book two CONSECUTIVE days, there is a 10% discount.

We work with up to a maximum of 65 children in one day.  With up to 45 children, all the children enjoy the workshop all day.

A popular and common combination is to work with two classes – up to 65 children – split during the day.  We work with both classes for the first hour or so and again at the end of the day when the main artefacts are finished.  In between, I have one class for a session each during which all the children have a go at all the activities.

After school, the artefacts are dismantled ready to go to another school.  The artefacts are worth a few thousand pounds!  Sorry if this is disappointing!  However, you do keep some items that the children make during the day and you keep the Spitfires and Trojan Horses.

The workshop usually takes place in the school hall.  I am extremely used to contracting the workshop down as lunchtime approaches.  However, it is very useful if ‘sandwich children’ can eat in the classrooms for the day – although this is not a prerequisite.

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