Stone Age to Iron Age

We bring everything you need to create a 3m diameter (at the base) Bronze/Iron Age roundhouse as well as a number of other related activities for the children to have a go at.  This workshop goes back 12,000 years and covers a mere 10,000!  We start at around 10,000BC and finish at 43AD when the Romans invaded England.  The activities are carefully chosen to relate to this span of time.

During the day, the children will:

  • Knapp flint to make stone age tools (Mesolithic 10,000BC)
  • Build a 10m circumference Stonehenge (Neolithic 3,000BC
  • Use replica period drills to create jewellery (Bronze Age 2500BC)
  • Use querns to grind corn as people did at the start of the age of agriculture (Iron Age 800 BC – 43AD)
  • Build the Roundhouse (Iron Age 800 BC – 43AD)

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